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Power KDM™ ROI Calculator

An investment in Power KDM™ can continually deliver extraordinary outcomes. While there are efficiency and cost saving gains using the Power KDM workflow, and by driving a key decision-making team to a target timeline, the exponential return on investment is often realized through using the multidimensional decision-making model (Global Patent Pending) built into Power KDM. An optimum investment or purchase decision can deliver significant short term and/or long term returns in comparison to a suboptimal decision, which can often appear to be a valid decision without consideration of the full decision perspective.

Estimated Benefits & Cost of Power KDM

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Total Value of Key Decisions p.a.: $300,000

Cost of Power KDM (Pro Edition) p.a.: $3,960

Estimated Investment Return using Power KDM p.a.: $90,000

Estimated Return on Investment p.a.: 2272.7%

* The average cost of suboptimal decision-making is typically where (1) the full perspective of the decision has not been considered and/or (2) an inefficient decision-making workflow is in place. This often results in a large number of negative impacts including; incorrect decisions that require future costly correction, an underestimation of the short-term impacts (including costs and time), an underestimation of the ongoing impacts (including: costs and time), lack of strategic alignment and/or missed opportunities.

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