Customer and Partner Frequently Asked Questions

Key Questions:

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Executive Success (3)

The Power of Engagement
Success in business is driven by internal and external people engagement at all levels. WMT solutions aim to help executives, employees, partners and customers engage through the use of visual, intelligent and workflow driven business solutions.
As an example, the Power KDM™ product enables engagement across teams. It helps executives to continuously deliver the optimum level of growth, efficiency or cost savings through a framework with a powerful decision-making model [Patent pending].
Return On Investment
Our top focus is returning value and outcomes for our customers. Please view our the Return on Investment calculators for more: ROI Calculators
Product Management
Quarterly product updates are included in the pricing!
The Web Mobile Technology: Product Roadmap is primarily customer driven.
Customer input and feedback is greatly welcomed at our events, roadshow tours and via our support portal.
Weekly WMT team innovation breakfast meetings produce actionable ideas.
The WMT Product Management team continuously strives to retain our global leadership position in this B2B niche through our rapid, top quality delivery, customer focus and innovation excellence.

Solution Architecture (3)

Enterprise Platform
WMT solutions are powered on enterprise platforms that are often already in place in an organization. The application is installed and once users are assigned (through an existing active directory integration), the solution is ready to return significant value. Note, the Web Mobile Technology team members never have any access (in any way) to the solution or the data.
Built to Scale
Beyond the technology and integration capabilities, the product designs of the WMT applications have factored in enterprise level scaling components and elements; such as multilingual support, multi-country support, enterprise level concurrent user capacity, enterprise grade security, rapid change via configurability and no downtime product upgrades.
Full Integration Capability
Business Application Integration and Infrastructure Integration is available out of the box with all of the WMT business solutions. Web API RESTful web services is the primary method of integration.

Implementation (3)

Turnkey Solutions
Welcome to the era of Software-as-a-Service solutions that are deployed in under 15 minutes and then ready to use by your teams - globally! Gone are the days of waiting six plus months or even years to advance the productivity, efficiency, satisfaction, growth and success of your organization. How? Simply! The WMT solutions are deployed on an enterprise platform that your organization already has in place. Often clients do not find a need to configure the solutions or even connect to other business applications due to the innovative WMT product design. However these options are available out of the box!
The WMT Executive Gold Suite products often only requires an email introduction to onboard a team. We recommend a best practice change management plan is executed to deliver the best result. The intuitive user experience and user interfaces provide a platform for efficient and productive business processes.
Partner Implementation Support
Your existing implementation partners can quickly qualify as approved Web Mobile Technology partners. This is often the fastest method of deployment for large enterprises. If a pilot is being considered, a partner may not be required for the first stage.

Security (3)

Enterprise Grade Solution Security
Existing platforms provide a foundation of enterprise level security for the WMT solutions to run on. Application penetration testing is welcome, please note that this level of testing is not included in the standard pricing models.
Role Based User Access
Role-based access control (RBAC) is a standard offering within the WMT solutions and the platforms that power the solutions. Users are restricted by permissions to the application functions and the data they can view, based on the role that they have been assigned by the administrator.
Hierarchical Security and Field Level Security
Available out of the box is the ability to control which users at various levels of the enterprise can view content and who can perform actions, this can also be controlled down to the field level. For example, in the Power KDM™ - Key Decisions Management solution, certain sensitive key decisions and individual fields may need to be accessible by an individual team (default rules can be applied in a hierarchical manner). Often the platform owns the configuration of this level of security and it is configured by the enterprise IT team, an administrator or an implementation partner.
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