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Medium Sized Corporates

Starting with the value of our Power KDM™ product, key decisions in a medium sized corporate are made throughout all levels of the organisation. The built in decision-making model that helps guide staff to look beyond the short term impacts of the decisions and to also align to the corporate strategy. The built in workflow drives timely decision-making and executives at all levels are making smarter decisions. Depending on the level and type of the decision, the outcomes are either significant cost savings and/or significant investment benefits in a medium sized corporation. Power KDM™ accelerates business success.

Clients love the hassle free, instant on - Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation. As the products are deployed on an existing client platform, users are simply selected, roles confirmed and rapid change management fires up instant returns.

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Large Enterprises

Digital transformations are underway at most large enterprises at various levels of maturity and progress. A key digital transformation acceleration weapon is to make optimal decisions with a great team at high speed. Often collaboration is required across business teams, technology teams, software vendors and partners (incl. system integrators and consultants).

The Power KDM™ solution goes beyond a simple pro's and con's approach, as it enables the decision team to drive through a decision-making workflow supported by a built-in, multidimensional decision-making model (patent pending). The outcome is a decision that has considered the viewpoints of all stakeholders, all concerns are addressed, the right depth of options analysis completed and the full perspective of the decision considered.

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Government Departments

Many government departments have a wide variety of strategic decisions to make on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis that often significantly impact the communities, staff and other departments that they serve. The Executive Gold Suite helps deliver a way to drive optimal decision-making at all levels; to provide clear roadmaps to communities, customers and staff; and to manage, track, measure and take action on benefits.

As government departments consolidate, there can be a disconnect firstly between business teams and secondly between business and technology teams, which is where the Power KDM™ solution can immediately provide the transparency needed for greatly enhanced collaboration. The result is usually a reduction in executive meetings, steering committee meetings, project team meetings and various discussions department-wide as the full perspective of decisions are considered; and decisions are made in a logical, constructive manner towards the optimal outcomes.

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