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Power KDM

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Key Decisions ManagementOptimum Business Decisions

Power RM

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Roadmaps ManagementStrategic and Operational Roadmaps
that inspire customers and staff

Power BM

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Benefits ManagementTake action on business benefits

WMT Executive Gold Suite Product Cycle

Team Collaboration

Enable team members to collaborate across divisions and locations to drive successful outcomes.

Team Transparency

Enable team members to view the business direction and view real outcomes across the business.

Team Alignment

Full executive clarity provides teams with an aligned vision, inspiration and the drive to succeed.

Executive Gold Suite - WMT

Executive Gold Suite ™

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Power KDM ™ Key Decisions Management

Power RM ™ Roadmaps Management

Power BM ™ Benefits Management

Each product delivers signficant business value on it's own or they can be purchased as an integrated suite.

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Showcase product: Power KDM™

The ultimate Key Decisions Management solution
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Power KDM™

Business is built on decisions!
Drive optimal decision-making outcomes
A turnkey solution that is deployed on your existing platform Microsoft Office 365 | Dynamics 365 | SharePoint Online Salesforce | SAP | Oracle | IBM | NetSuite

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Product Snapshot:

Power KDM ™ is a software solution that enables:

  • Smarter, collaborative decision-making to deliver accelerated and successful outcomes

  • Viewing the full perspective of decision options against the short term impacts and the ongoing impacts (incl. the level of risk)

  • The alignment of key decisions to the enterprise strategy

Outstanding Business Outcomes

Power KDM supports the delivery of optimal strategic business decisions that result in competition beating outcomes!

Adam Whitelaw - CEO of Web Mobile Technology

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How it works

A Collaborative Workflow with a built in Decision-Making Model
A structured worflow to drive timely decisions and business outcomes
Relative comparison of options using a built in Decision-Making Model
Reference the analysis for every option impact point
The Decision-Making team determines the Depth of Analysis required to complete the decision
View the costs or gains in the Short Term and Ongoing perspectives
Turn key SaaS solutions. Implementation support available: Partners