Web Mobile Technology

Accelerating Business Success.


Established in 2010, the Web Mobile Technology team delivers business solutions and consulting services to enterprises and governments in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia.


The WMT mission is to accelerate the success of businesses and governments globally through innovative workflow solutions.

We are building a collaborative team that are passionate, creative, fun, adventurous and driven.


We aim to excite and inspire all users of our Software as a Service products.

The Executive Gold Suite ™ contains 3 products: Power KDM - Key Decisions Management,
Power RM - Roadmaps Management and
Power BM - Benefits Management.
The products are also available for individual sale.

Company Leads

Adam Whitelaw

Adam Whitelaw


Passionate about delivering optimal solutions that accelerate business success.

Rob Planner

Rob Planner


Inspiring leader with a collaborative and make everything fun management style.

Belinda Turley

Belinda Turley

Chief Digital Officer

Digital leader who delivers outstanding results.

Patricio Sepulveda

Patricio Sepulveda

Chief Innovation Officer

Associate Professor, Melbourne Business School. Biomedical sciences PhD and an Executive MBA. Inspiring leader with a work hard, play hard moto and seizes every moment.

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