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HTC Evo 3D smartphone - iPhone 4 killer

Rodd Banks - Wednesday, August 24, 2011
After recently importing a HTC Evo 3D as an Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) development testing device...I found it delivers much more than Apple iPhone 4! 

How? The operating system is fast, smooth and already has most of the features that Apple iOS 5 is promising! 

The HTC Sense is actually great this time round and the qHD 4.3 screen is a step up. There are reports and videos around that highlight how useless the 3D camera is....however I have found that it is a cool feature and I am quite happy with the 5MP camera quality. It does take a little effort to view a 3D photo on the phone...but that is part of the fun too. 

Capture and view life in 3D - no glasses required! 

Apple need to launch the new iPhone 5 and iOS 5 soon...

The new HP TouchPad arrived at the office today!

Adam Whitelaw - Monday, August 01, 2011
So after a long, long wait, the HP TouchPad arrived at the door today with a wireless keyboard, case and a Touchstone wireless charging dock. It arrived in Australia 2 weeks ahead of the official Australian release date of August 15th 2011. WMT needed it early for tablet and mobile website development and testing. 

There is something missing in the Apple iPad 2 and I was hoping that the HP TouchPad would hit the spot. 

First has likes, +1's and it also has a couple of dislikes. A more in depth review will follow but first thoughts after 60 minutes of play are:

HP TouchPad: 
- it is a business and personal tablet!
- user friendly operating system (webOS)
- intuitive design
- a little heavier than other tablets but the weight and thickness is not a concern
- cards feature is cool and effortless way to multitask
- stereo sound built in, finally!
- the web browser needs some work to bring it up to the Safari performance level (as found in the iPad 2), even though HP webos "web" browser has flash! Example: the WMT desktop/tablet touch website ( looks great on an iPad 2, in Chrome, in Firefox, in Internet Explorer ie, etc...but in the HP webos "web" browser it is strangely distorted only in portrait mode, in landscape mode it is fine). This occurs on most websites (inc. and even HP websites...etc)
- the webOS web browser has a crazy bounce when attempting to scroll left or right. It also does not allow touch sliding of website components. The YouTube experience is average. 
- it shows apps that are "US only" - why tease? And there are no Australian paid apps yet
- seems to be plenty of apps that actually work well on a tablet!

- much smaller in size than it looked in the photos
- convenient not having to plug in a power cord
- a little slow to charge

- not the best quality and fit
- awkward to use
- does the job of standing the device up
- allows Touchstone charging while in the case
- more tablet body protection than other tablet cases (iPad 2)

Wireless keyboard
- great feel and easy to connect
- need to work out how to scroll down pages using just the keyboard
- works well using touch to navigate

Final comment today: I will attempt to replace my personal iPad 2 with the HP TouchPad. It feels like it will achieve more than the Apple competitor... 

Comments and thoughts welcome….