Why make your website smartphone friendly?

If you have a business website, it can be viewed on a smartphone. However, it is difficult to read, awkward and slow to navigate, and poor at accessing your critical information.


A custom-made smartphone friendly website from Web Mobile Technology makes your critical information simple and clear to read on a smartphone, quicker to navigate, click to email, click to phone, click to location map, and more.


What is the main reason why you need a smartphone friendly website?

More than 50% of internet searches are now being performed on mobile devices so you could be doubling your business leads by making your website smartphone friendly.


Do you need to discuss this with your website developer?

In most cases a smartphone friendly website is a separate entity linked to your desktop website. As such, it can be developed separately by a specialist mobile phone website development company, such as Web Mobile Technology.


How much does it cost?

A basic custom-made smartphone friendly website is the WMT Classic. It currently costs just $1,230 (normally $1,650), which includes GST and 12 months hosting. It is run on a separate server enabling extremely fast hosting, quick page loading time, super fast navigation, touch screen page scrolling, and more.


For most small and medium sized businesses, the WMT Classic has the features required to enable all your customers to instantly locate your critical information on their smartphones, wherever their busy lives take them.


For businesses that have special requirements, there are a number of WMT solutions and features available which can be quoted in a free consultation.


How long does it take?

The WMT Classic can be developed to Concept stage in just a few days and depending on the changes and/or additions required, can also be made ready for final approval in just a few days.


WMT custom mobile phone websites with special requirements may take longer. An indication of time is provided during the free consultation.